Aquilan’s Patriot Manager™:

  1. Provides matching of customers to the Social Security Administration Death Master File,
  2. Fully supports all of the Abandoned & Unclaimed Property models / regulations,
  3. Applies insurance specific data filtering to reduce false matches,
  4. Supports state audit reporting requests and tracking,
  5. Provides user activity tracking from valid match to final action for historical / audit purposes.

Patriot Manager is a complete solution that fully supports the entire business claims process from initial match to final action.

Patriot Manager’s components include:

Customer Data

Access, Maintenance, and Building customer Relationships across the enterprise, grouping individuals together for consolidated processing,

  • Name Parsing is supported (single field for both the first and last name)
  • Address Parsing is supported
  • Contract Parsing is supported (identification of status & values)

SSA Death Master File

Automated Load & Maintenance of updates, automatically handling of inaccuracies, as well as supporting multiple files (SSA and state lists)


Handles missing, invalid, incomplete customer data.

Matching Process

Supports the flexibility to set matching rules for the current and ongoing regulatory fuzzy changes / differing requirements.eo.

The following regulations / guidelines are currently supported:

    • Met Life (4/2012)
    • John Hancock (11/2012)
    • Prudential (1/2012)
    • New York Reg 200 (8/2012), NY 308
    • AIG (10/2012)
    • Nationwide (10/2012)
    • NCOIL Model Law


Provides customer validation of policy values, type of insurance, prior matches:

  • Match previously generated / currently being worked (and the customer and Death List data have not changed since the prior match was generated)
  • Claim already paid / escheatment has occurred
  • Date of Death occurred after the policy was terminated

Scoring the Match (color coded)

Ability to set / group matches by priority sequence processing

Working the Matches

Uses a Windows web-based application to assign work, capture activity, and track follow-ups of action taken, for instance, to locate individual / track letters sent.


Provides summary of activity performed, predictive analysis and reserve monitoring

Pro-Active Matching

Annuity Maturity & Lapse Notification

State Audit Support

Provides ability to report on a list of individuals / contracts as to the status of the match, date action was taken, and final disposition.

Why Patriot Manager?

Patriot Manager provides a single common solution that is currently used by all Aquilan customers.  This means new matching rules, new functional enhancements, new reports (e.g. state audit requests), and Aquilan customers requested updates are combined into a single solution provided to everyone.  The results are easy to install and take advantage of the changing regulations.

Patriot Manager supports your schedule to perform the match process – daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly without incurring an additional fee.

Patriot Manager allows you to decide which death lists to match against, which version (include the file prior to 11/2011 or not), and which state list to include.  Why create more matches than are required by the regulations – limit the number of files to be matched against.

  • Learn more about the monitoring features that address the unique needs of your industry.
  • Find out more about the features included in Patriot Manager, contact Aquilan.