About Patriot Manager®

The Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management (GRC) solution for the Insurance Industry

Patriot Manager provides the US insurance industry with a best-in-breed, audit-proven, all-in-one packaged solution supporting all of your compliance needs and requirements.

Patriot Manager is not a poorly morphed banking solution trying to support the unique nuances of insurance.

Each functional component (noted in the Home Page display) can be licensed separately. New components can be easily added later because the data is shared across all of the components.

Patriot Manager is Aquilan’s only solution offering. Your needs are Aquilan’s #1 priority. Customer service for insurance companies is paramount. The focus is to enhance using customer input and insight from industry conferences continually.

Aquilan Technology - Patriot Manager

Do you have questions? Contact Aquilan and give us a chance to prove that Patriot Manager will solve any ‘compliance-related issue/need/concern you may have. Join the family of insurance companies (just like yours).

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