Case Management is at its best for 'Tracking' investigations and complaints.
Aquilan Technology - Patriot Manager - Track

Patriot Manager’s Track Function provides:

Case Management – Established Process and Procedures that your analyst must follow for a consistent approach to working an alert. Helpful reminders are provided.

Complaints – Pre-defined and configurable options to efficiently handle customer calls. Information is automatically pre-filled for the analyst to verify caller identity

Investigations – A tool designed for your SIU department to organize their activities. Pre-defined drop down entries based on the type of investigation is provided to speed the process and improve quality

Customer Call Center – Take the wealth of Patriot Manager’s information to the front-line user. Track calls and provide improved customer service by validating the caller’s information with added details – such as:

  • Seeing they have multiple policies
  • Being able to ask validation questions – such as what was your prior address?
  • The benefits are endless

The Track Function is one of the most requested functions.