Capital Markets

Anti-Money Laundering, Fraud, and Watch List Monitoring. Providing a holistic view of customers, historical reference of activity, easy filing of SAR's


Property & Casualty Insurance

OFAC Watch List Monitoring. Screening Updates are Performed Daily. Changes to the Watch Lists are Re-Verified Daily. No Safe Lists Being Out of Date to Worry About!


Life Insurance & Annuities

Fraud Monitoring, Anti-Money Laundering Monitoring, Watch List Screening, Data Analytics & Metric Analysis, Case Management & Complaint Tracking, Government & Regulatory Forms, Executive Reporting, Operational Metrics & System Wellness, and System Adminisitration.


Mutual Funds

Monitoring Account Activity for Money-Laundering, Investor Fraudulent Activities, Watch List Screening & Unclaimed Property.

Aquilan is a leading provider of compliance monitoring, screening, reporting, and analytical solutions for the financial services industry.  Our team of professionals have extensive experience in insurance, capital markets, money service business, retail banking, and credit union industries.  The Aquilan solution, Patriot Manager ™ provides a proven platform supporting the full suite of functions in a single consolidated package. Aquilan’s appreciation for and dedication to the inherent nuances of financial crime deterrence and investigation operations set us apart from all others.

Fraud Monitoring

Analysis of; customer related activity / behavior, agent / broker / financial advisor activity, and claims activity occurring outside your normal business boundaries.

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Transactional AML Monitoring

Comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering technology with the enhanced features powered by years of industry specific experience.

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Watch List Screening

Proven proprietary algorithms and advanced screening match technology results in accurate matches with limited false positives.

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Elder Financial Abuse & Suitability

Track agent / broker conduct, product placement, and suitability of product sold.  Monitor activity as it potentially affects your company across all lines of business.

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Data Analytics

Utilize the wealth of customer, agent, and product information contained within Patriot Manager to uncover trends and value. Analytical routines provide data graphs of metrics and research dimensions for Compliance, Marketing, and Audit. Every quarter,  customers submit their queries proven to be of value to be added to Patriot Manager for all to use. A ‘Create Your Own’ query service is provided to drill into your data to gain incite on issues, trends, and performance.

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Unclaimed Property Monitoring

A complete workflow solution to assist in the identification, follow-up and payout of property, including tracking the results of state audits.

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Case Management / Complaint Tracking

Provides a responsive customer service and pro-active quality work-flow solution. This function exceeds the requirements for monitoring and resolving customer, agent, and internal service complaints.  The solution takes full advantage of Patriot Manager’s proven integrated business process analysis.

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FATCA Monitoring

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) identifies US persons that may be hiding income and assets overseas.  Patriot Manager’s ability to capture customer information, identify target accounts, and monitor ongoing fincnail activity; provides a solution that supports the requirements of the Act.

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Enhanced Agent Monitoring

Expanding Patriot Manager’s focus on agent activity monitoring,  this enhancement provides new data analyzers relating to agent activity and behavior.

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