Patriot Manager captures, organizes, and associates your data so you can easily find real-value answers to your questions. When executive management finds out, they will be calling you.
Aquilan Technology - Patriot Manager - Analyze

Patriot Manager provides a database containing 150+ data items of your customers and agents that can now be analyzed in real-time to offer real-value results.

Audit – support internal and external auditors’ requests for information. Such as:

  • The number of complaints received from a state
  • List of policies issued in the past year

Included in the results is the originating system (source). Information can always be verified. Your IT department will be pleased.

Market – support Marketing department requests, Such as:

  • Conservation – provide a list of policies terminated

Metrics – whatever the need may be, Patriot Manager has organized your data to provide the slicing and dicing of information into graphs. Such as:

  • How many policies are active in your state?
  • Heat map display of requested policies, customers, and agents

Operations – provides incite into alerts generated and worked. Such as:

  • Which customer has the most alerts generated?
  • What is the average time to research and resolve a specific alert?

Research – provides access to all of the data items maintained in Patriot Manager. It provides the ability to create your own search/analysis. Such as:

  • Research a specific agent, identify all business in a state, locate the top 10 largest policy values, and produce the list. The list also will contain a hot link to display customer details.

Threshold Analyzer – a fancy name for ‘what-if’ access to maintain all rules, tolerance, and configurable settings. Such as:

  • If the cash equivalent threshold of $10,000 was changed to $5,000, what and how many alerts would be generated?

Patriot Manager’s Analyze function provides real value, in real-time, with results downloaded into a graph or excel spreadsheet.

Analyze is not stagnant – it continues to grow with input from customers as to what they have used and have an interest in.

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