70 Years of experience in the Insurance industry

The leadership team at Aquilan is backed by years of multi-industry expertise and hands-on experience. Committed to providing the highest level of compliance and fraud protection to the Insurance, Broker/Dealer and Mutual Funds industries, the team at Aquilan pride themselves with the continuous pursuit for innovation and excellence. This foundation of knowledge and ongoing drive is what sets the Aquilan leadership team apart and gives them a distinguishing advantage.

Aquilan Technologies - Cliff Hagler

Cliff Hagler

Founder, President & CEO

Mr. Hagler has over 25 years in the software and computer services industries, with a primary focus in the life insurance and financial services sectors. Before joining Aquilan, Mr. Hagler served as Vice President & General Manager for US Operations at Cedar, Inc., a provider of complex data management solutions for the insurance industry.

Prior to Cedar, Mr. Hagler served as Vice President of the Financial Services Division for Computer Sciences Corporation where he held responsibility for life insurance administration systems development and ongoing enhancements. Mr. Hagler is a frequent presenter at industry seminars and executive meetings and a regular contributor to leading industry publications.

Aquilan Technologies - Mark Jungman

Mark Jungman

Chief Technology Officer

Mark started his career writing firmware and device drivers for custom hardware. Mark worked on network protocol stacks ranging from the data link layer to the application layer and varied greatly. Working on IS-41, GSM, and the Home Location Register (HLR) transitioned Mark to databases where he became interested in large databases.

At Aquilan,  Mark brought his expertise in designing analysis engines for the financial services industry to support anti-money laundering monitoring, fraud detection, and efficient unclaimed property matching. Mark is instrumental in leading the Patriot Manager product development. He has advanced key innovations for software product lines leading to 3 patents.

Mark is married, has two children and one dog, and lives in Leander, TX. He graduated from Texas A&M University with a BS in Computer Science.

Aquilan Technologies - Blake Hagler

Blake Hagler

Vice President, Operations & Finance

Blake joined Aquilan in 2007 and has been pivotal in roles ranging from project management / implementation to product development planning.  Currently his responsibilities are Head of Operations and Finance which includes overseeing all major Aquilan Implementations.

Blake has been involved in every Aquilan implementation from small to large.  He has cultivated relationships with each of our customers to keep a strong user base and overall high satisfaction rating.  Blake has created a team of strong project analysts and resources to make sure all of Aquilan’s projects are successful.

Blake holds a BA in Financial Consulting with a minor in economics from Southern Methodist University.