Every Watch List the Insurance Industry requires is supported
Aquilan Technology - Patriot Manager - Screen

Patriot Manager is auditor proven – the approach is the best in the industry, no issues have ever been found, and there are no ‘safe’ lists.

Patriot Manager displays:

The Screen Function provides an all-inclusive, efficient, concise, and reproducible means to support the complex analysis of 30+ individually screened ‘Watch Lists.’

  • Every insurance-required Watch List is supported.
  • If an entity is a match, Patriot Manager provides the user with the reason why the alert was generated.
  • Full audit and historical reference is maintained.
  • Multiple matches in a Watch List are consolidated into a single alert for review and action to be taken.
  • Each Watch List has their own configurable settings. Patriot Manager is delivered with the setting values/options most used by customers.