Provides expanded fraud-related monitoring relating to agent / broker activity and behavior.

Having access to agent activity identified as questionable and/or outside the normal range of activity,  the Agency Department can now be aware and address activity caused by lack of training or lack of awareness for acceptable business practices.

Based upon industry reports, identification of outlier agent-related activity from analytical research; agent / agencies / brokers are devising schemes and bending rules that are considered fraudulent, resulting in the detriment for the company or customer.

Patriot Manager identifies:

  • Agents to all of the contracts (pending and issued),
  • Agent’s havign the same address on another contract,
  • Agent’s having a role (relationship) on a contract,
  • Agent’s associated to elderly customers,
  • Agent’s associated to high-risk individuals,
  • Agent’s identified as financial parties on a contract.

Patriot Manager provides a complete solution monitoring:

  • Book of Business Activity Analysis / Tracking,
  • Scheme / Scenario Analysis / Tracking,
  • Undisclosed Replacement Analysis / Tracking,
  • Product Suitability Analysis / Tracking.

In addition,  Patriot Manager’s support components have been expanded to include:

  • Agent hierarchy maintenance / display,
  • Risk Scoring – Agent entry and maintenance,
  • Progress / Activity Note Entry,
  • Watch List – Bad Agents,
  • Reports – Management reporting of agent activity

… and much more.

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