A trend is emerging that is adversely focused on the elderly.  Elder Financial Abuse / Exploitation spans a broad spectrum of conduct, including: taking money or property, forging signatures, signing of legal document or power of attorney through deception, coercion, or undue influence.  The perpetrators are usually family members that stand to inherit and feel justified in taking what they believe is “almost” or “rightfully” theirs.  Predatory individuals seek out vulnerable elders with the intent of exploiting them.

Indicators are signs or clues that abuse has occurred. Patriot Manager monitors:

  • Withdrawals from policies or transfers,
  • Address Changes, noting those no longer is addressed to the elderly’s home,
  • Legal documents, such as power of attorney,
  • Excessive changes in withdrawal amounts,
  • Caregiver inquiries expressing excessive interest in the policy,
  • Suspicious signatures on cashed withdrawal checks or other documents.

… and much more.

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