Patriot Manager™ provides an intuitive and easy to use suite of solutions that provides insight into your operations, linking disparate data sources to provide you a 360 degree view of your portfolio across the enterprise. Patriot Manager’s automated, rules driven approach combined with industry-specific indicators and alerts and adjustable thresholds, accurately identifies suspicious activities, reducing the number of false positives and ultimately, freeing up time for more thorough investigations of truly suspicious activities.

Anti-Money Laundering / Suspicious Activity Monitoring

Designed and developed specifically for the insurance industry using staff having over 30 years of insurance operation experience, Patriot Manager provides pre-defined alerts monitoring over 80 million policies.  No more false positives.  No more added work.  When an alert is generated, it is real.  You may be checking policy level activities, excessive free looks, movement of money in and out of the company, but are you checking policies related to each individual across your entire enterprise?  Would you find … click here to read more.

Fraud Monitoring

It is tough to sell an insurance policy in today’s market.  Agents / Agencies are doing a great service for your company.  For the minority of agents that are bending the rules, getting paid commissions when they shouldn’t are you finding these scenarios today?  Are you tracking for rebating schemes?  Insurance policies are intended to pay out when an accident / death / claim occurs.  The industry average indicates 2- 8% of money going out the door is questionable. Are you stopping disbursements that occur on an individual every year for the same accident? ….. click here to read more.

Watch List (OFAC) / Sanctioned Country Screening

You may be checking the OFAC SDN and the Consolidated OFAC SDN list, but are you keeping up with the changes in Sanction Countries? Is it possible money could be going to or coming from the countries without your knowledge or after the transaction was cleared?

Elder Financial Exploitation / Suitability Tracking

The economy has brought out the bad in a few individuals.  Elders are constantly hit with schemes that are not in their best interest.  If your company has an annuity owned by an elderly person,  are you watching the withdrawals, is there a Power of Attorney taking advantage of the funds, are payments going to non-related parties on the policy?  To learn more, click here.

Smart Data – Improve Marketing Opportunities / Customer Service

Patriot Manager provides a means to capture a wealth of information about your customer, your agent, your employee, and your vendors.  Open up this knowledge to help with marketing campaigns (knowing when a family member moves away) and customer service (knowing all of the policies the individual is associated with when they call in or you call them).


Unclaimed Property Screening, Reporting, and Audit Tracking

As discussed in recent CEFLI conferences by experts – Unclaimed Property screening is not going away. It is more than just the matching process as provided by other solutions.  Patriot Manager provides flexible matching rules, historical reference of actions taken, audit reports and easy to respond to 3rd party audit requests.  Even if you are currently using a 3rd party ‘matching’ vendor, learn what advantages Patriot Manager con provide.