Aquilan’s on-demand Risk Audit is a breakthrough consulting service designed to help Insurance, Broker/Dealer and Mutual Funds providers identify higher risk operational activities that increase vulnerability to terrorist financing, money laundering and fraud. With Aquilan’s Risk Audit, organizations will uncover previously hard to spot operational and compliance risks and gain recommendations to proactively adjust current operations to better prevent AML compliance violations and fraud.

How it Works. Combining Expertise and Analytics.

This three week Risk Audit, led by Aquilan’s expert team of audit professionals, requires minimal time and resource commitments for your organization and incorporates three distinct phases:

  • Discovery Phase: The Audit team will come to your location and conduct brief interviews with key members of your compliance team to better understand what security procedures are currently in place, where data is stored across the enterprise, what the key concerns are and more.
  • Data Analysis Phase: The Audit team will leverage market leading analytical tools, enhanced with customized rules, thresholds and indicators unique to your business needs, to analyze data across disparate databases throughout your organization. During this phase, suspicious activities will be highlighted using red flags and instant alerts – so your team will be notified immediately of potential risks requiring further investigation and review.
  • Recommendations Phase: Upon completion of the data analysis phase, the Audit team will provide an in depth comparison of audit identified suspicious activities and normal business reporting of suspicious activities. This new insight will provide your organization with a better understanding of current AML compliance operations and pinpoint areas currently at risk for oversights and violations, enabling proactive risk reduction initiatives.


Request a Risk Audit today and take advantage of the dynamic combination of Aquilan’s highly experienced staff and the same powerful technology found in Aquilan’s proven AML compliance and fraud solution, Patriot Manager, to gain increased insight and accurately uncover operational risks. The result: a more complete level of compliance protection.