From installation services through to training and ongoing support, Aquilan’s highly knowledgeable services team will be by your side every step of the way to ensure the highest level of fraud and anti-money laundering compliance protection.

Years of industry experience, a proven anti-money laundering compliance and fraud solution and hands on interaction give Aquilan the expertise and qualifications necessary to address the fluctuating requirements of your organization. We understand the way you work, the unique needs of your industry and the compliance challenges you face. This rare knowledge ensures smooth implementations, relevant training and the ongoing support you need to continue to operate ahead of the regulations.

Implementation Services:

At Aquilan, we know you are busy. Our highly qualified implementation team will guide you through our streamlined process and have you up and running quickly. Our years of implementation experience and familiarity with common back-end operational practices across the industries help speed the time to deployment.

A simple three phase process consisting of integration, configuration and personalization ensures the end solution has what it takes to meet your unique company needs.

AML Solution Training:

Aquilan’s training services provide your staff with the information they need to protect your company from fraud and AML compliance violations. Customized training classes with hands-on demonstrations provide your compliance and technical teams the information needed to fully utilize the capabilities of the solution. Plus, Patriot Manager’s intuitive, easy to use interface has been developed to significantly reduce training time needed and get your team up and running quickly.

Ongoing Support:

Our team stays on top of changing AML regulations so you don’t have to. From keeping you up to speed with AML compliance best practices to providing industry-specific tips, the Aquilan support team prides themselves in maintaining up-to-date knowledge of industry trends and changes to keep our customers ahead of the curve. Our consulting team brings a unique perspective to your operations and can be relied on as a trusted source for providing best practices and advice.

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