Patriot Manager is a complete compliance solution supporting the unique needs of the Retail Banking industry that monitors, detects, tracks / manages and reports retail banking-related activities. With a proven list of defined indicators and alerts, Patriot Manager has the unique strength to thoroughly address all of the retail banking industry compliance needs.

Aquilan’s Patriot Manager assists retail banking companies:

  • Automate operations for real-time, rules-based transactional analysis with preset rules and user-adjustable tolerances
  • ACH transactional monitoring of payments
  • Provide behavioral post-transactional analysis and pattern analysis
  • Validate key customer information and identify high risk customers based on pre-defined specific risk indicators
  • Monitor up-to-date watch lists, ongoing transactions and field activities and receive automatic notification of suspicious activities
  • Detect fraudulent and suspicious activities through rules-driven analysis and procedures, including CIP/KYC, payments and withdrawals and new and terminated relationships
  • Track, manage and guide case management procedures to ensure proper steps are taken for each investigation and provide thorough audit trails for easy referencing of both open and closed cases
  • Handle the filing of required government forms such as SAR and CTR, including the auto-population of key fields and electronic submission
  • Ensure ongoing USA PATRIOT Act compliance through automatic regulation and software updates, preventing future violations

… and much more.

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