Aquilan’s Patriot Manager solution fully supports all fraud activity based and behavior based monitoring analysis on the market today by taking advantage of new technology advancements and case mangement improvements integrated into a single consolidated solution. Using a proven sophisticated rules-based approach (including artificial intellegence analyzers and robotics improved process controls), Patriot Manager’s automated solution provides assistance in all aspects of monitoring, detecting, trackng/managing, and reporting on suspicious activities. Industry-driven red flags and alerts power Patriot Manager to quickly identify unusual/abnormal behavior and provide a higher level of precision in the identification of industry-specific abnormal activities, resulting in a reduction in false positives, allowing more time to devote to valid investigations.

Aquilan’s Patriot Manager identifies:

  • Single activities considered outside the normal range for your business,
  • Structured fraud involving sequence of events occuring over a period of time,
  • Opportunistic & repetitive fraud scenarios,
  • Extensive analytics to identify staged scenarios; crash for cash, slip & fall, and ghost claims,
  • Anomaly in bahavioural activities over multiple time periods, and
  • Exaggerated claim exceptions, based on historical events.

Patriot Manager provides:

  • Case management to improve the accuracy of capturing information, time to review, and process a red flag,
  • Ability to stop payments before they leave your company to ensure SIU has the neede time to make an accurate decision,
  • Full historical and audit of gathered information, documents, comments, and actions taken,
  • Graphical representations of customer to property relationships,
  • Automated & integrated customer and agent risk scoring,

… and much more.

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