While some industries may have common compliance similarities, there are distinct differences needing to be taken into consideration when identifying a compliance solution that is the best fit for your organization. Different products, different transactions, different terminologies and different operating environments, mean different requirements to support the compliance needs.

At Aquilan, we understand the importance of these differences and have designed solutions with these details in mind. Because of that, Patriot Manager is not a one-size-fits-all compliance solution. Geared to meet the unique needs of the Insurance, Money Service, Banking, Broker/Dealer and Mutual Funds Industries, Patriot Manager’s compliance solutions have the power you need to meet the anti-money laundering transactional requirements, watch list monitoring requirements, reduce fraud requirements, identify suitability situations, and identify unclaimed benefit actions.

Life Insurance & Annuities

Insurance-specific alert analyzers accurately identify suspicious and fraudulent activities.

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Capital Markets

Real-Time Transactional and Post Transactional Analysis with industry defined rules, pattern analysis for increase compliance protection.

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Mutual Funds

Unique investment-based indicators reduce risk and strengthen anti-money laundering and fraud operations.

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Property & Casualty Insurance

Industry specific Watch List screening rules and indicators provide increased compliance protection.

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